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May 11, 2011
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0207 UFO: Quizlings by AbaKon 0207 UFO: Quizlings by AbaKon
Episode Synopsis: Landing in New York City shortly after midnight local time, Straker finds himself whisked away to a secret meeting at the United Nations. While most UN member states support the workings of SHADO in one way or another, a few countries refuse to acknowledge the presence of the alien menace. In most cases, these governments simply believe the UFO thread is a fraud intended to keep the Americans and Soviets in control of the global military industrial complex. The only major power to openly oppose SHADO and its operations is the People’s Republic of China. For years, they have insisted that their military was quite capable of dealing with the UFO problems independently.

Recently, a Chinese defector has supplied documents indicating that they PRC is, in fact, openly negotiating with the aliens. In order to determine the veracity of the defector’s claims, Straker is forced to turn SHADO’s surveillance network earthward. When the next wave of UFOs approaches, one of them is intentionally allowed to slip through the global defense network while SID and several terrestrial tracking stations attempt to follow it down.

When the UFO does indeed rendezvous with a Chinese submarine, Straker faces a dangerous decision. Does he order the lurking Sky 1 to attack, potentially causing a catastrophic military crisis? Or does he permit the rendezvous to take place undisturbed and risk whatever unknowable consequences it might portend?


UFO model by Teata. Typhoon sub from The Axeman. Story consultant Arcass. Created in Daz3d and finished off in Photoshop.
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Chrisofedf Sep 29, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I really love your episode synopsis but i must confess not all of them have the length to be a full episode. This one however i feel is the best. :)
AbaKon Sep 30, 2011  Professional Writer
Thanks for checking out my work. To be fair, there were a few of the actual episodes that didn't have the lenght to be a full episode!

Wow! Great episode synopsis!!
And they still can't make this old show into a decent major motion picture.
Obvious they got the wrong writing staff.
The movie should relatively pick up where the tv show left off, go back to that vision of "1980's" -and just continue the original menace.
It would simply be fun and entertaining. No need for it to be some "ridiculously overblown Summer Blockbuster".
AbaKon May 23, 2011  Professional Writer
Thanks much for the kind words. I hope they NEVER make a movie out of this wonderful series. Horror of horrors.
I know what you're meaning too.
It would just never measure up -unless... the production literally used the original music score, the original costume designs, maybe elaborate "just alittle" with the sets, vehicles and the space craft model designs and "most importantly" of WRITERS and PRODUCTION STAFF who have the same wits as the original 60's crew staff.
AbaKon May 28, 2011  Professional Writer
Sad but true.
Oh and I see "Episode Six" image got posted.
Thanks. I just can't miss an episode of one of my favorite all time sci-fi programs.
AbaKon May 30, 2011  Professional Writer
Hope you like it. You know how production schedules tend to slip.
Sky One is ordered to blast the U-Foe but ignore the sub. When Straker is brought to task for "attacking" a Chinese sub he, clever mastermind that he is, brings Sky's photographic evidence of the U-Foe/sub meeting plus the evidence provided by the defector. And since it's obvious to Straker that the Chinese wanted the aliens' advanced tech, and they obviously had a spy in SHADO to supply them with information, he also set a trap to catch the spy and gain enough information to make it impossible for the PRC to be of any use to the aliens. Thus the PRC will never get any of the advanced tech that would make them masters of the world. When he informs the powers that be of THAT he is exonerated. The PRC's treachery is exposed to those in the know, and funds are provided to boost SHADO's defenses which include a new type of interceptor called the Hawk.
An interesting follow up to the above synopsis.

That merging of storylines to "UFO" and "Space:1999" is really a super idea.
Hope Gerry Anderson gets wind of "this concept" and considers exploring such, being the entertainment innovator he was in his heyday.

Ever draft a proposal and send it to him?
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